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  1. V-Light

  2. Clothing

  3. Weft for Weft

  4. Keratin-Bead Weft

  5. Vogue pearl

  6. Micro-Rings

  7. Nanotips

  8. Adhesive Strip (Large and small)

  9. Keratin

  10. 6 D Generation 1

  11. 6D Generation 2

  12. 6D Generation 3

  13. Rings or Loop

  • To find out the prices of our superior quality Hair Extensions, text us, since the varieties of lengths and colors are very numerous.

  • We can help you:

  • 418-953-6622.

First, a word about our Hair Trainings and Extensions

Welcome to our online store

To visit our online store, scroll down with your cursor

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