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PRESENTIAL training: The price indicated for the TRAINING, Kit included


OR ONLINE Training: Find out about the price of online training, by Text: 418-953-6622, Sometimes the price is lower, Online, if you wish


We often have PROMOTIONS: To see other possibilities and more information,

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VOL-TYGE TECHNIQUE: One of the 3 newest

  • Including kit, accessories

  • Duration of 4 hours

  • Practice on horseback

  • Use a frame

  • 2 Times more Volume

(Price subject to change without notice)

For colors, refer to the color chart of this Hair Extensions company

***Color charts from different companies may have different reflections. When you do your consultation with your client, it is always more reassuring to have the color chart from the same company as the hair extensions.

For special colors: Highlighted or Ombreed, add 10% to the total cost before taxes.

If you place your order on this site, for these special colors, the invoice will be adjusted subsequently.


If you Choose the training: Vol-Tyge or 6D or Habit and want to add 1 - 2 or even 3 or 4 methods and more, you will be charged: $115 per technique + the cost of the 6D or Habit training, chosen

For more than 24 inches: Contact us: 418-953-6622

The Frames are the extensions for four different techniques that we teach:

  • Clothing
  • Vogue Pearl
  • Frame
  • Vol-Tyge

You can use this type of weft hair extension, even strand by strand extensions using ball-in. This type of extension is easy to use and adds a significant amount of hair extensions into your client's hair in seconds.

(1 Weft per pack) 100 g. and more)

1 to 2 packets or 100 g. minimum, is necessary, to fill a full head and create a beautiful volume, also at the base of the hair, depending of course on the thickness of your client's hair. Normally four to six packs are enough for a full head.

  • Fine and thin hair requires 1 packs
  • Medium thick hair needs 1 Bundles
  • Thick hair requires 1 1/2 pack
  • 2 Pack Extra Thick Hair

For more specific details, please go to our other Website / in the PROMOTIONS or TRAINING page

To subscribe to one or more training courses, you can purchase directly here, in our online store

If you want financing, click or copy and paste this link:

Or Text or call us: 418-953-6622 or by email:

Training: Vol-Tyge (4 hours)

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