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OR ONLINE Training: Find out about the price of online training, by Text: 418-953-6622, Sometimes the price is lower, Online, if you wish


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The areas affected by the massage

  • Skull
  • Neck
  • The trapezoids
  • Shoulders
  • The face
  • Ears

Relaxation massage spa certification

  • Many diagrams
  • Our course booklet
  • Massage Technical Sheets included.
  • Diploma

You obtain your certificate the same day of the Training


To subscribe to one or more training courses, or for Financing, Text or call us: 418-953-6622 or Go to the: ONLINE SHOP on this site.

Cost and duration

  • Course duration: 4 hours
  • Kit: You get a bottle of Product:

Massage oil, natural

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Financing Request:

Hair and Facial Massage Spa Training, under the Drizzle

SKU: Spa1000+
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