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The goal of our Micro Blading and/or Shading training is to provide a high quality service to satisfy all our students.

The teaching of the theoretical module includes the following components:

  • General anatomy and physiology of the skin, particularly healing
  • Theory on the skin: The Epidermis, the Dermis and the Hypodermis
  • Advice before and after treatment
  • How to work on the skin
  • Sterilization and documentation of instruments
  • Universal precautions regarding hygiene rules
  • Antiseptics and disinfectants: their action spectra and their uses
  • Pigments and color wheel
  • The different face shapes
  • Redefining eyebrows
  • Pigments and the color wheel
  • Measuring points
  • Sterilization
  • Types of Eyebrows
  • Face shapes
  • Skin types
  • The Canada Health Role and many other topics
  • Consultation of the first Model in real condition
  • Pigmentation to be carried out according to the model and its desire.
  • The trainee must create the long-lasting eyebrow makeup that suits them according to their face.
  • The trainee must install the treatment cabin and its equipment, he must advise the most suitable colors depending on the case and draw it up in pencil beforehand.

Modifications are possible and four weeks later we review our models for a touch-up.

Our eyebrow pigmentation techniques are perfected. The training takes place only in private lessons, two trainees / maximum.

You will need some templates

2 Training Packages, available to you:


  • For 4 DAYS of training (you must have an aesthetics certificate)
  • Pencil case included


  • Micro-Blading
  • For 4 DAYS of training (you do not need an aesthetics certificate)
  • Pencil case included


Models: The cost for the models is: $65 / model, for the semi-permanent makeup technique (Value of $300 to $400)

If you want to learn the 2 techniques:

Technique: MicroBlading / Regular Shading

(semi-permanent makeup device, not included)

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Micro-Blading or Micro-Shading Training

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