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PRESENTIAL training: The price indicates for the TRAINING ONLY, (kit not included)

Detailed prices, with the range of products, are indicated on:


OR ONLINE Training: Find out about the price of online training, by Text: 418-953-6622, Sometimes the price is lower, Online, if you wish


We often have PROMOTIONS: To see other possibilities and more information,

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3 DIFFERENT TRAINING and 3 Product Ranges will be offered to you:

  • SMOOTHING: Can have a smoothing effect between 85 and 100% effective, depending on the hair type, texture and condition of the hair. Designed to straighten hair until it becomes straight.

  • HAIR BOTOX: Can have a treatment effect and relax a curl with between 70 and 90% effectiveness, depending on the hair type, texture and condition of the hair. Designed to treat sensitized, frizzy, dry, brittle and/or damaged hair. Will definitely not make the hair stiff, but will relax the natural curl of the hair.

  • NANOPLASTY: Special hair care
  • Duration: 4 hours. at 6 a.m. Each of the Trainings


2 possible options (Half-Half or Online)

High Quality Product

(product prices, subject to change without precedent - notice)

*** Please specify if you want the training alone at this price, indicated above

Or with a range of products and we will tell you the costs, including the complete range of products, depending on the Training you want


You can charge between $200 and $400, per client)

For this training, we work in an institute, on our own.


Private or semi-Private training in an institute, Half-Half or Online

Certificate issued

For more specific details, please go to our other Website / in the PROMOTIONS or TRAINING page

To subscribe to one or more training courses, you can purchase directly here, in our online store

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Hair Smoothing Training

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