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What is airbrushing?

The airbrush is a small device that is used in various fields including manicure and pedicure.

Color on color, this expression, airbrush, is used to designate a nail decoration technique which belongs to the current trend

Duration: 1 Day

  • You will use your kit throughout the training.
  • Private, semi-private training / a maximum of 2 students, per training, in person, now
  • or Line soon

0% interest financing or other financing options (ask us, text: 418-953-6622, before making your request, we will give you an access code:

Here is the link for the financing request:

You will need 1 model and it is the student's responsibility to find her model(s), without nail polish, prosthetics or bitten nails.

Certificate :

Subsequently, you will receive a Certificate attesting to your success in nail application training.

Nail Training, AirBrush and AirBrush, Sponge Creation

SKU: AirB3001
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