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Let's talk about Hair Extension


Prestige Academy, on the road to the biggest Projects

Our superior quality Extensions are manufactured according to your needs and tastes

As, in some cases, we have custom made, exactly what you want, and the delivery time is approximately 2 to 3 weeks

The price of Hair Extensions and accessories are always subject to change, without notice

When placing ORDERS, when paying:

  1. You MUST CHOOSE to come say hello to us, when you receive a message that your extensions and/or accessories have arrived at the Academy, in order to collect your order (free of charge).

  2. Or, you can choose to have your order DELIVERED, for a fee of $15 plus taxes, and more, depending on the weight of your package. The delivery cost will be adjusted on your invoice, if necessary, if your package is heavy.

  3. In either case, we will send you a message to confirm that your extensions and/or accessories have arrived at the Academy and that you can pick them up or have them delivered.

We will have them made, exactly

as you want, for you and/or for your Client

Example :

If you want 20 inch extensions - Ombré  

Very dark brown -black roots , up to 12 inches long and gray tips, for the base of the extensions, 8 inches

Even   scenario, if you want a highlighted effect.

You choose 2 colors and we take care of having them made: Already MECHEES, upon their arrival.


If you can't find all the hair extension prices you are looking for, ask us: Text or call: 418-953-6622

For special orders: Hair extensions (Ombrées – Highlights – Flash Colors), your invoice will be increased and adjusted by an additional 15%, at the initial price.

Different techniques


We will start by introducing you to the newest Technique

V - LIGHT - Hair Extension

V-LIGHT professional extension collections

offer complete customization based on the needs of each client

Made with premium 100% virgin Remy human hair, the V - LIGHT brand, offers innovative, simple and time-saving methods that enable stylists to generate the highest profit.

If you are looking for a reliable supplier of top quality hair extensions, please feel free to contact us.



  • Cold extension – The cold straight hair extension is installed very simply, using a small connector.

  • Very easy to remove, too.

  • 100% natural hair extensions.

  • It is a method that is very popular with everyone, both our customers and our technicians.


  • This grade 10A & above hair is the best you can find on the market!

  • The extensions are made from 100% human hair, certified European.

  • All cuticles of all hair have been preserved and sealed.

  • Each strand is as thick at the base as at the tip.

  • In very fine frame format, can be doubled for more thickness.


6D TECHNIQUE Generation 1 - 2 or 3

The system includes all the elements.

  • When refinishing, you have to buy small plastic tips which sell for around $1.15 each.

  • The strands are already installed on the combs and there are 5 or 10 strands per comb, depending on the Generation .

  • Normally four to five packs are enough for a full head.

  • Installation time takes about 40 minutes for a full head and about the same time to remove.

  • Price to be charged to customers: approximately $150 to $200 to install them.


  • You can use this type of hair extension in ball weft , place in fabrics or even strand by strand extensions using beeswax and beads.

  • This type of extension is easy to use and adds a significant amount of hair extensions, into your client's hair in seconds.



  • These are already pre-angled, making them very easy to use for cold fusion.

  • Make this kind of hair extension with the appropriate clips or just with your fingers.

  • No heat or glue is required.

  • Easy to apply, remove and reuse.


  • This type of extension is easy to use and adds a significant amount of hair extensions into your client's hair in seconds.

  • Quick to install and even quicker to remove




  • You can use this type of keratin weft hair extension, glued in tissue or even strand by strand extensions using beeswax or hot keratin sticks with a hot glue gun.

  • You can install them with keratin or beads.

  • This type of extension is easy to use and adds a significant amount of hair extensions into your client's hair in seconds.


Beautiful brown-haired girl with a perfectly curls hair, and classic make-up. Beauty face



Nanotips hair extensions are semi-permanent and the lightest on the market and the application method is more effective and faster than all other hair extension techniques. These hair extensions are attached with NanoTips microbeads, very strong and invisible and extremely comfortable.

topless woman with eyes closed_edited_edited_edited_edited.png

Keratin Weft - Beads

You can use this type of keratin weft hair extension, glued in tissue or even strand by strand extensions using beeswax or keratin hot sticks with a hot glue gun. You can install them with keratin or beads. This type of extension is easy to use and adds a significant amount of hair extensions into your client's hair in seconds.

Ring Technique

  • This is an innovation in hair extension technology.

  • The double, micro ring is already in place.

  • This type of hair extension reduces the time in installation and removal.

  • The only tool you need is a special set of pliers



qui mettent TOUT, en Lumière :

  • Expérience incontestée dans le monde de la chevelure depuis plus de 40 ans.

  • Academie Prestige en collaboration avec AB Extension Prestige font partie des premiers informés des nouveaux développements et des nouvelles techniques de toutes les FORMATIONS que nous enseignons

  • Nous enseignons actuellement, près de 40 Formations différentes et 12 Techniques différentes d'Extension Capillaires & toujours a l'affut des nouveautés.

  • Nos Formations sont soigneusement et méticuleusement fabriquées selon les règles de l'art - ACCREDITEES & RECONNUES au Gouvernement

  • Le couts de votre Formation peut être déduits a 100 %, dans les frais de scolarité de votre prochain rapport d'impôts.

  • Nos Formation & produits, sont soigneusement préparées et sélectionnés et nous vous fournissons toutes les informations dont vous avez besoin, pour rester à jour.

Le mariage parfait entre :

*** L'art irréprochable de l'apprentissage avec nos Formations,

*** Des Produits & Extensions Capillaires de qualité supérieure,

*** Et des accessoires sélectionnés avec les plus grands soins afin que vous possédiez tous les outils nécessaires, pour desservir tout types de clientèle. 


Voyez plus bas : DANS CETTE PAGE 

Here is a little idea of our Hair Extensions

This is an example of just a few colors.

  • It is essential to have the color chart (sold in the online store) in order to carefully examine the color(s) of your client's hair in daylight. It is inevitably and always remains the best option to offer quality service and to make your clients loyal to your institute.

3 main points to respect:

  1. The color(s) chosen, with the color chart and preferably in daylight

  2. The superior quality of Hair Extensions

  3. Your service:

  • Before (The consultation)

  • During (installation and offering quality, protein-free maintenance products).

  • After installation (Follow-up service)


Read carefully

No warranty is valid on hair extensions. Our suppliers do not guarantee them for the following reasons:

  1. When the extensions are sold, we cannot know what maintenance is or has been done at home, on the extensions.

  2. Or what products are used on the extensions.

  3. So it is impossible for us to guarantee hair extensions, so no reimbursement will be made for extensions and/or accessories and/or devices (unless there is a 6D device defect caused during manufacturing).

We are here to recommend the right products to properly maintain your extensions and ensure that they remain magnificent throughout their life.

It is very important to use QUALITY & PROTEIN-FREE shampoos, conditioners or masks, so as not to weigh down and dry out your extensions.

Also, coloring on extensions should, ideally, be avoided.

  1. Therefore, if you have to color your clients' extensions, it is essential to use professional hairdressing products and 10 volume peroxide, never stronger.

  2. To respect the break time

  3. And wash with professional, protein-free products.


We offer :


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